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NHS Hull

What Does Success Look Like

As weve said before, because the world is such a huge place with so many opportunities, it can be quite difficult to decide what you want from life. Sometimes it can help to look at other peoples lives and try to relate theirs to our own...


Mark, 27, lives and works in Hull as an Assistant Branch Manager at a Builders Merchant. He owns his own house and has no children.

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Helen, 25 was brought up in Hull by her grandma. As they were on benefits, they had very little money, no holidays and no car, most days were a struggle.

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Gary, 30, is a single, qualified accountant currently working for a well known local electrical retailer as a Finance Manager.

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Jane is 29 and lives with her partner having just bought their first house. She is also pregnant with their first child.

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Joe lived in Hull until he was 26 and recently moved to Beverley with his wife and young daughter.

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Sarah, 28, lives in Hull with her husband and 2 children.

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